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Do I need thin lens?

Do I need thin lens?

Do I need thin lens?

A lot of factors can influence which thickness of the prescription eyeglasses you need to order.

How high index lenses is your prescription? what is the type of frames?  How sensitive is your nose to weight? All this can affect whether you order regular or ultra thin lenses.

ultra thin lenses

In Lenzzy optical we made it easier for you, we have three index lenses thickness for each lens, Regular, thin and ultra thin. Once you put your prescription our website will automatically give you the suitable lens selection and lens thickness chart.

You have the option to upgrade to the thinnest glasses lenses in the world for your prescription.

All lens thickness in Lenzzy optical have anti reflective coating, best scratch resistant eyeglasses and you can upgrade to transition lenses with blue light filter too.

If you can not decide you can always arrange for a one to one meeting with our specialist.