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What is PD and how to measure it?

What is PD and how to measure it?

PD stands for Pupillary Distance which is the distance between your eyes. It determines where your eyes are located in the lens. This measurement should not change after adulthood

If you got glasses before this measurement is taken for you or sometimes it is provided in the prescription. If you can not get it or if it is your first time wearing glasses, we can help.

What you need are a mirror, a source of light and a ruler.

You can measure it by: -

1- Standing in front of a mirror, close your right eye and align the zero measure of the ruler to the center of your left eye.

2- Open your right eye and read the measurement of the center of the right eye. It could range from 55- 60 (small frames recommended) – 61-67 (Medium frames recommended) 68-73 (Large Frames recommended).

EASY STEPS!! Enjoy your ordering