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What is blue light and how can I be protected from it?

What is blue light and how can I be protected from it?

In today’s world, even young kids are on digital devices more than ever. They are subjected to headaches and dry eyes with their delicate eyes that are still developing.

Blue light which is emitted from LED light, and digital devices is very harmful to the human eyes and can cause more complications than we are aware of like dry eyes, headaches, blurry vision, eye fatigue …Etc.

That is why here in Lenzzy we care about your eye health by proving non-prescription blue light frames and prescription lenses with blue light filters.

When you order our blue light filter you will have all the protection you need indoors, keep you stay longer and be stronger online.


How to order Blue light filter glasses?

In accessories, you can order non-prescription blue light glasses, or if you have a prescription, you can order the lens that has a blue light filter after selecting the frame.