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Which lens is suitable for me?

Which lens is suitable for me?

No one knows what you need more than you, examine your daily activity and notice where you struggle to see.

  • Single vision distance: - when you struggle seeing when watching TV, driving, the board if in class, or whatever in a distance
  • Single vision reading: - when you struggle to see the book you read, cellphone, knitting or whatever arm-length area. (You have to use these glasses only while you are setting down, no walking or driving with reading glasses)
  • Single vision computer: - when you need help only in front of the computer and you spend more than 4 hours on it. A blue light filter is highly recommended in this case.
  • Progressive: - when you struggle to see at a distance and close up as well, so you need glasses that work all day. If you are already using a progressive lens you need to order our Best progressive lens to get the best peripheral vision coverage.
  • Bifocal: - if you tried progressive and you feel dizzy or nauseous, you need to change to bifocal. Bifocal if good for distance and reading but not for computers, it is only 2 zone lens.
  • Trifocal: - when you tried a progressive lens and you didn’t like it you can switch to trifocal which will help in distance, reading and computer zone.

All our lenses come with scratch resistance, anti-glare and an easy cleaning coat free of charge.